How Our Regenerative Organic Wool Bedding Cleans Indoor & Outdoor Air

How Our Regenerative Organic Wool Bedding Cleans Indoor & Outdoor Air

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At Antipodean, our premium organic wool bedding is ethically sourced from regenerative farms that enrich soils and improve air quality. Our organic wool offers natural air purification for cleaner indoor air as you sleep. And our regenerative agriculture helps draw down carbon to reduce outdoor air pollution. Read on to learn how our wool bedding creates healthier air, inside and out.

Regenerative Grazing Practices that Clean the Outdoor Air

Our wool sourcing supports regenerative farms utilizing holistic grazing methods. These practices increase microbial activity in the soil, which draws carbon from the air into the ground. This carbon sequestration from regenerative agriculture reduces greenhouse gases and air pollution.

Healthier soils also decrease reliance on synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, a major source of emissions. By purchasing bedding from our regenerative wool farms, you help fund agriculture that actively cleans and gives back to the atmosphere.

Natural VOC Absorption for Cleaner Indoor Air

Wool contains an amino acid called cystine which is highly effective at absorbing and neutralizing VOCs - volatile organic compounds that are common indoor pollutants emitted from household products and materials.

Studies have shown over 50% reductions in indoor VOCs by surrounding yourself with wool furnishings like our bedding. As you sleep, the wool’s micro-structure traps VOC particles and creates cleaner, healthier air circulation all night long.

Temperature Regulation for Optimal Sleep Breathing

Our organic wool bedding also provides natural temperature regulation as you sleep. Keeping your sleep climate at the right temperature and humidity levels results in better breathing and airflow. By wicking moisture and maintaining an optimal temperature, wool improves your sleep environment for proper respiratory health and function.


Our regeneratively sourced organic wool bedding provides natural air purification - both indoors and outdoors. Protect your lungs and the planet by surrounding yourself with the air cleaning benefits of sustainable, ethical wool. Breathe easier knowing your purchase is funding agriculture that restores the atmosphere.

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